EC Directive 1999/93/EC

This section contains my Company's response to the DTI's Consultation Document along with other relevant paperwork.

[Updated 08 March to remove a bundle of unnecessary file formats - please contact me if you'd like the response in any other format.]

Reference: the EC Directive in Adobe Acrobat and plain text formats. Dir99-93-ecEN.pdf [External Link]
1999-93-ec-directive.txt (33,866 bytes)
Reference: the DTI Consultation Document in Adobe Acrobat and plain text formats. esigncondoc.pdf [External Link]
1999-93-ec-dti-consult.txt (33,198 bytes)

My response to the DTI Consultation document, submitted to the DTI ( and others on 14-Jun-2001, in a variety of different formats. Also provided are PGP signatures for each document for verification purposes.

Unfortunately, my PGP key is only compatible with later versions of PGP/GPG.
Adobe Acrobat Download File (325,284 bytes)
PGP Signature

On 25 January 2002, I received these documents from the DTI Cover Letter (Word, 60,928 bytes)
Discussion Document (Word, 64,000 bytes)

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