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Author Title Genre
Aeschylus The Oresteian Trilogy
(Agamemnon, The Choephori
and The Eumenides)
Ancient Greek Drama (Tragedy)
Apuleius, Lucius Transformations (The Golden Ass) Ancient Roman Fiction
Bachman, Richard The Regulators Suburban horror/chiller
Barker, Clive Sacrament Surreal tale of the paranormal
Homer The Iliad Ancient Greek Epic
The Odyssey Ancient Greek Epic
King, Stephen Rose Madder Psychological thriller with supernatural overtones
The Green Mile Gaol-based paranormal/psychological thriller
Desperation Horror/chiller
Insomnia Fantasy/thriller
Lee, Tanith The Book of the Damned Fantasy/horror with a historical feel
The Book of the Beast Fantasy/horror with a historical feel
Rice, Anne The Mayfair Chronicles Gothic fantasy/horror
Servant of the Bones Gothic fantasy/horror
Violin Supernatural romance
Sophocles The Theban Plays (King Oedipus,
Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone)
Ancient Greek Drama (Tragedy)
Virgil The Aeneid Ancient Roman Epic
Voltaire Candide (or Optimism) Philosophical farce

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