Michelle - A Game of Strategy

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How to Play

Once you start the game, you will be presented with a 15x15 grid of cells, where some cells contain a yellow ball ('On') and others don't ('Off'). When you click on a cell, the block of nine cells around the clicked one are 'flipped' - that is, all cells that are 'On' are switched off, and vice versa. For example:

On Off On
Off On Off
On Off On
... after clicking on the centre cell, this becomes ...
Off On Off
On Off On
Off On Off

The game begins with the computer making a certain number of 'flips' (depending on the difficulty level you select) - your aim is to return to the board to a completely 'Off' status in the same number of moves (or less than) the computer. once you clear the grid, you will be given an analysis of your game.

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Original idea taken from 'Kim', a shareware game for the Commodore Amiga.
This version adapted from Ada-written VAX/VMS implementation by Peter
(The Minstrel) and Pete Lockwood (Loony Jetman), University of
Portsmouth Department of Information Science. ©1993 & 1999

Why Michelle? I can't remember, but it was based on a game with a girl's
name, so we gave it another one...

Please feel free to submit any feedback on the game, be it aesthetic or technical.