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This site is a bit of a dumping ground for all the various bits and pieces I find, create or think about (intentionally or otherwise) as I meander through life. Have a browse around, and do let me know (using the contact form linked at the foot of this page) if you find anything here particularly fascinating - it would be interesting to hear if anyone else finds the site useful!

Please also see my business-oriented pages: Peter Bance, CLAS Consultant and Information Security Adviser.

The Minstrel's Papers I mainly use this site to store various documents and papers I've either written or am currently working on, some humorous, others mind-numbingly serious.
Michelle A silly (but fairly addictive) little game a couple of us knocked up at Portsmouth University more years ago than I care to admit.
The Friday Funny Mailing list: a weekly dose of humour from my archives. You can also subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to

If you have something you think the Friday Funny subscribers would appreciate, please use my feedback form - I will review it and perhaps use it. Thanks.

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