The Thawte Web of Trust FAQ

This list of Frequently Asked Questions has been compiled from the two Web of Trust discussion groups, and is intended to answer the most common queries asked by new Notaries and WoT members. For clarification or correction, please e-mail.

Go to Thawte's Web of Trust Page   1. Can I sign my PGP key with a Thawte Freemail certificate?
2. Help! I'm a 10-point Notary. What can I do?
3. Digital Signatures are reported as invalid on discussion lists. Why?
[Under Development] 4. I have a question about importing/exporting my Freemail certificate, or about cross-platform compatibility.
[Under Development] 5. I have a security-related question about my certificate and/or its use.

PGP/GPG Public Key [4096/4096 RSA]
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